Friday, January 30, 2015

Crafting Aids and Macarons

Wow! January is almost over!
Slowly I've been chipping away at the list of projects I want to do this year. Participating in this craftalong has certainly helped keep me motivated. 

Another aid is being able to work and watch TV at the same time. I heard of people doing this a while back and thought man, they must be nuts. How does that work? But then I tried it. Double the entertainment! I'd try it with audio books, but, while I love books, I hate being read to. I prefer to be in control or something. I'm not sure. 


I made up this Magic 8 macaron...
...and already sold one! That makes me feel so nice.

Remember my first one? Want to see it made up? Here you go:

And a side pic at the bottom there:

I have more projects- macarons, exploding etuis -either done or nearly done. Pictures are another story. I'm looking forward to sharing them!

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