Tuesday, May 26, 2015

1. Moulage 2. Sloper. 3. Dress!

As promised, here is result #1 of making clothing from my moulage and sloper:

A casual, knit dress.

I drafted the sleeves too, for an extra challenge.

Another challenge was drafting everything by-the-book(ish.) It's a simple design; I didn't have to follow the rules, but it was good to prove to myself that I could and test out my moulage and sloper.

Princess lined back bodice.

There are still a few kinks. I'll work on 2 (including the sleeves) and live with 1.

Overall, I like it!

Monthly Issue Note: 

In these pictures I'm nearing the full results of Aunt Irma's upcoming visit I discussed in my last post. You can tell it most in the photo directly above. Not bad! I'm so happy!